Assateague Island National Seashore

The draw for visiting Assateague Island National Seashore are the wild horse. However there is certainly a drawback, the swarms of mosquitoes that furiously envelope human visitors, latching on to clothing and drawing a blood meal from any exposed skin.

The barrier island has an ocean side and a bay side. The oceanside provides relief from the mosquitoes, while the bay side is enter at your own risk. I started down the Life of The Dunes Trail and hooked right towards the bay at the observation deck. I wanted to see if I could cross any wild horses which have free reign over the northern portion of the island. During the walk, I was bothered to the point of distraction by the mosquitoes. After reaching the bay, I saw no horses. I quickly walked the quarter mile back to the ocean side to escape the biting insects.

The oceanside provided an expansive view of the sunrise. Horse tracks criss-crossed the beach in both directions. In the distance fishermen have already staked out their spots for the day. I was hoping to be on the island to catch a silhouetted horse running across the beach in the early light, but I was not early enough. I stuck around for about an hour. The next time I visit I will camp on the beach to observe the horses.

Driving the road around the two necks of land that protrude into the bay I finally found a group of four horses grazing together about 100 yards from the road. They paid no attention to me and continued to graze and sun bathe.