My sons discovered that the eye loupe on daddy’s desk doubles as a magnifying glass.

Good idea kids!

Self Portrait

Now I use the loupe with the macro settings on my Canon G-9 to produce a super-macro lens.

I take these bug portraits for them. We will figure out what they are together.

Fallingwater, a Camaro and Kodakchrome


The world is aware that Kodakchrome is no longer being manufactured and will soon cease to be processed. Only one facility remains to process the defunct film, Dwayne’s Photo. The final availability for processing is scheduled to end in December.

I’ve been photographing Pennsylvania scenes with the film as final project. My latest stop was Fallingwater. Could I be the last person on the planet to photograph this famous house with Kodakchrome?

This image is digital but was taken from the classic vantage point view of the falls and the house. You can take an in depth tour of the home where personal photography is permitted.

If you’d like to cash in on your images from Fallingwater you’ll need advanced permissions.

During this excursion transportation, lunch and admission were sponsored by Chevrolet. We drove a cool 2010 Camaro and a few other vehicles through the mountains as part of @ChevyPA and women-drivers.com event. My wife was a guest and she let me drive this…..


30 days with the iPad


This is what has happened as a result of using the iPad for just over a month. Almost immediately, the design and layout of newspapers on the iPad drew me away from reading the hard copy of the paper.

I had been a regular reader of the print edition. I firmly believed that the newspaper experience lead to informational curiosity. One story’s position on the page would lead you to another and another. Fundamentally, that philosophy has not changed, only the medium on which the information is delivered has.

For certain newspapers like the New York Times and USA Today, the iPad application has begun to mimic that ‘leading’ trait, though the content provided seems stripped down from what is in the paper. The amount and variety of content will increase once an efficient content sales vehicle is established.

As the tablet medium and technology evolve I am certain that the design and functionality will evolve to a point that will render the newspaper obsolete to most, save the Luddites and aficionados.

Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo

With my children, I make it to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium several times a year. We have visited at least a dozen times since the polar bear exhibition opened in 2006. This was the first time the bears were enjoying themselves in the water while we were inside the viewing tunnel underneath the pool. My oldest son became a bit fearful of the bear hanging in an apparent suspension just above his head. For three minutes the bears interacted with each other while a crowd gathered.

Volant Mills

Volant Mill

The Our State Parks exhibition will be making a stop in the artisan community of Volant, Pa. in October 2011. The Blue Heron Art Gallery will be hosting the opening Saturday, October 1, 2011. The next weekend is the community’s Autumn Festival celebrating the harvest season in this rural community.

Now in the meantime, you can catch the show at the Mercer Library June 15- July 26 with a gallery talk July 13, 2010 from 6:30-8:30 pm. More on this exhibit in a bit…

Sheepskin Hollow

Sheepskin Hollow

A morning trek to Ohio’s Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve, situated along the Little Beaver Creek National Scenic River, provided a panoramic vista, waterfalls and plenty of details. The reserve is located adjacent to the Pennsylvania state line providing modest access to the preserve and scenic river from Pittsburgh and Beaver County.

Sheepskin Hollow Nature Preserve

On this particular morning the sun beamed through the leaves and trees illuminating the top of Sheepskin Falls and the cliffs adjacent. This preserve is “less-traveled”. There are no real paths, we followed the creek bed to and beyond the falls. The lack of human influence was apparent, no litter, no plastic, no beer cans. This is truly a clean and pure place. If you visit, keep it that way.

Sheepskin Hollow

Just over the top of the falls on the first level flood plain we stumbled upon this odd visual, an oak apple gall. Oak apple galls form when a wasp injects her egg into a budding oak leaf. The tree responds by forming a gall around the insect. The gall protects the growing insect and provides it with nourishment and protection.

Check out more views from this hike Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve here.

One Decade In….

First Professional Image

First professionally published image.
Steubenville Herald-Star
May 17, 2000

Today marks my tenth anniversary as a professional photographer. When I look back on the past decade of work, I am humbled by the opportunities I’ve had. I am truly grateful that photography and photojournalism has granted me access to people and places I never would have had access to otherwise. The past ten years have given me the opportunity to learn from and teach others.

What opportunities has your photographic career granted you?

Wildflower Workshop

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Workshop at Wildflower Reserve

Earlier this spring I conducted a photography workshop with Pete Woods, a naturalist with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Pete was a wealth of knowledge, he simply knew the names of nearly every plant and insect budding within the Wildflower Reserve at Raccoon Creek State Park. His expertise provided the workshop participants with context for their photos of the early spring flowers.

To participate in a future photography workshop with a Conservancy naturalist you’ll need to be a member. You can join here. I hope to see you in the woods soon.

Point Park University 50th Commencement

I had a unique perspective on Point Park University’s 50th Commencement ceremony held at Mellon Arena. This commencement will be the last held at the Civic Arena, which is being replaced by a newer facility across the street.

During this shoot I was confined to a 3×8 foot bucket elevated 40 feet into the air by a cherry pick machine. This vantage perched me just a few feet between the top of a decorative curtain and the official scoreboard.

You can take a peek at my position in this QTVR.

Check out comments from some of the grads on the Gigapan.

Good Luck Grad!

Wildflowers are blooming

Wildflower Preserve

This weekend wildflowers will be blooming at Raccoon Creek State Park’s Wildflower Reserve. Peter Woods, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy County Inventory Ecologist will be on-hand to assist in wildflower identification and I will be leading a photography workshop through the reserve with Peter.

My goal is to meet interesting people, share information and encourage discussion to expand creativity and knowledge about nature photography in the great parks and forests of Pennsylvania.

I will be sharing images, composition and technical ideas to help further creative photographic self-discovery beyond the workshop. We will also explore, discuss and photograph the flora and natural features of the Reserve situated along the ridge of Shafer Rock and below along the banks of the Raccoon Creek. Discussions beyond the day can continue at the workshop’s Flickr group. There you can also see images from a recent walk through the Reserve.

To take part in this workshop, you’ll need to be a member of the WPC. You can find out more information at the WPC website.

The Reserve is located in Beaver County on the Lincoln Highway, US Route 30.