Wolf Creek Narrows

Wolf Creek Narrows

Wolf Creek Narrows is a 115 acre preserve located near Slippery Rock, Pa. managed by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Wolf Creek, which runs through the property, is lined by old growth forest containing sycamores and hemlock. Wild mushrooms are plentiful on the small flood plain lining the creek.

The Magic of Mentoring Carebreak

These images are from a recent project garnering photographers from the Pittsburgh area to document the triumphs of the volunteers placed by The Mentoring Partnership of Southwest Pennsylvania. The partnership helps match volunteers to 134 local agencies that serve children. The images will be used to highlight the the volunteers service during Magic of Mentoring Event October 29, 2009.

Magic of Mentoring
I was partnered with Nick and his friend and volunteer Jordan Spindler. I accompanied the two on an outing to the playground.

Magic of Mentoring
The two have a great relationship, as Jordan has been a volunteer with Nick for several years.

Magic of Mentoring
Nick and Jordan have a meaningful connection and it was my privilege to capture these moments.

The World at Our Door: Melissa Farlow and Randy Olson

The World at Our Door:  Melissa Farlow and Randy Olson

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Sylvia Ehler, Education Coordinator for the Silver Eye Center of Photography, speaks to Point Park University photography students about the Silver Eye Center for Photography’s current exhibition The World at Our Door featuring the work of locally based National Geographic photographers Melissa Farlow and Randy Olson. The exhibition features 50 images and runs through January 2, 2010.

The World at Our Door:  Melissa Farlow and Randy Olson

In addition I will be hosting this event:

Gallery Talk: Photo-Journalism and Today’s Culture
Saturday, October 17, 2:00 p.m.
Christopher Rolinson, Assistant Professor of Photojournalism at Point Park University discusses the role of photo-journalism in today’s digital world.
Admission free.

For more information visit the Silver Eye website


Hells Hollow Flume

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This flume along Hell Run was originally a cave encapsulating the creek. Limestone dissolution caused the roof to collapse. Over time the rocks that made up the roof are washed downstream leaving exposed this 10 foot deep flume.

More at the DCNR

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Mother Tree

Mother Tree, originally uploaded by StartPoint Media.

The Mother Tree is the largest and oldest tree within the Scott Twp Conservancy. Members of the conservancy estimate the tree to be nearly 150 years old. The Scott Conservancy property is located in Woodville, Pa. on the former Neville Plantation, a key site during the Whiskey Rebellion.

I will be talking nature photography at the Scott Twp. Conservancy annual meeting November 12, 8pm, at the Lodge located in the Scott Twp. Community Park.

First Print Point Park University Darkroom

Stephanie Mas, of Miami, Fla., made the first print in Point Park University’s newly renovated black and white darkroom Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009. Mas is a student in the Advanced Black and White Photography course.

The darkroom received a much needed update during the summer of 2009. The improvements included darkroom capacity, work flow, efficiency, process separation, accessibility and safety.

Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition March

Members of the Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition march through downtown Pittsburgh to Mellon Square, Monday, September 14, 2009. The march was made to further awareness of the situation in Darfur. The group believes that without American intervention and support a dreadful civil war will break out in the central African nation.

Point Park News Service

Point Park News Service

Andy Conte, director of the Point Park News Service, leads a group of student writers and photographers through an exercise identifying possible news and photo stories from the city around them.

The Point Park News Service is a collaboration between the Point Park University and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review where students have the opportunity to report and photograph stories for publication on the Point Park News Service website, the Tribune-Review group of news papers and beyond. If a student story or photograph is used by the Tribune-Review the student receives a stringer fee for the work. Payment for the student work is a unique aspect to this news service.

The goal of the news service is to simulate a real world news room experience and provide an opportunity for young photojournalists and journalists and opportunity to publish in the broader community outside of campus.

Check out the Point Park News Service website for student stories and photographs.



A City Public Works crew hangs a banner at the Point State Park portal welcoming the world to Pittsburgh Thursday, Sept 3, 2009. Pittsburgh will be in the international spotlight as world leaders gather during the G20 Summit. The summit begins in in 22 days.

Float Plane Lands on Ohio River in the West End

Float Plane in West End
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This pontoon airplane landed on the Ohio River in the West End before 3:30 today. It approached the point with its propeller engaged and turning. The pilot maneuvered the floating aircraft safely around boaters already on the river. Many boaters stood on the bows of their craft while witnesses on shore stood by snapping pictures and shooting cell phone video. The aircraft abruptly turned around on the Allegheny River before the Fort Duquesne Bridge. Further upstream on the Ohio the airplane encountered a Just Ducky tour sharing the river. In Just Ducky style the patrons on the DUWK vehicle gave a horn blast and several ‘quack. quack, quacks’ before harmlessly passing one and other near the USS Renquin docked at the Carnegie Science Center. Continuing down river the craft Idled until it passed underneath the West End Bridge where it began a full throttle spurt, though the plane failed to become airborne at that time. Somewhere near the Corliss Street Tunnel the aircraft returned to idling where it slowly passed out of view behind Brunot’s Island. It is unclear if the airplane became airborne on the open stretch of river behind the island.

For more images and video check out StartPointMedia

Here is an account from the Post-Gazette