Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day Parade

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Dror Yaron, outreach coordinator for Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE lab and GigaPan, watches the annual Pittsburgh Veterans Day Parade pass below along the Blvd. of the Allies from a vantage point at Point Park University Wednesday, November 11, 2009. For more images from the Veterans Day Parade go here.

Yaron was on hand to review and critique student GigaPans for an upcoming edition of GigaPan magazine. The theme for this edition is the environmental portrait. The magazine will be available online in January. You can get a sneak peak of their GigaPans here.


Point Park GigaPan

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Sarah and Brittany make preliminary checks to the GigaPan robot while on their first shoot in downtown Pittsburgh. The two are part of my Point Park University Digital Photography course. During the course the GigaPan is used as a tool of reportage. The theme this term is environments and environmental portraits.

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GigaPan Magazine First Edition

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GigaPan Magazine

Check out the first edition of GigaPan Magazine featuring GigaPan images created by Point Park University Digital Photo Editing students. The students used the GigaPan robot camera as a tool of reportage to create articles and imagery in a new interactive way.

The student produced GigaPan images will be on display at the Point Park University Library during the fall 2009 semester. The library is located at 414 Wood Street in downtown Pittsburgh.

In this edition I was given the honor of writing the ‘About’ section. Thanks to Dror Yaron, Outreach Coordinator of CMU’s CREATE lab who partnered with my Digital Photo Editing class on this project and for the opportunity.

GigaPan as a tool of reportage

Dror Yaron, originally uploaded by StartPoint Media.

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Dror Yaron, Outreach Coordinator for Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab, is conducting a GigaPan workshop focused on using the robotic imaging system as a tool of reportage. Yaron has partnered with students from the Point Park University Digital Photographic Editing course. The students have been capturing, stitching and uploading imagery to the GigaPan website. Once uploaded the students take virtual snapshots of elements within the picture. Those snapshots are then researched and reported upon. The stories become an embedded part of the snapshot and are read within the GigaPan web interface. The students Gigapan images and reporting can be seen here .