Wings Over Pittsburgh 2010

Wings Over Pittsburgh

For the past several years the Wings Over Pittsburgh airshow has taken place at the Pittsburgh International Airport 911th Air Force Reserve Base just a few miles over the hill from my house. The two day airshow ends each day with an acrobatic flight of the Air Force’s Blue Angels. During the two or three days prior to the airshow the Blue Angels practice over the Ohio River valley and invariably over my house. Their practice provides the resident of town a preview to the show. Many of my neighbors and I sit on our back porches for the ‘private’ airshow. We laugh, we cover our ears, we build excitement for the kids in the neighborhood, we take pictures with long lenses taking advantage of the annual low fly-overs.

Untitled from StartPoint Media on Vimeo.

We’ve often going to the airport to see the static displays but we have never stayed for the acrobatic show, we always though the practices were enough. This year my sons were old enough to appreciate the noise and spectacle of the event. They wanted to see fighter jets up close, so we went.