Point Park University 50th Commencement

I had a unique perspective on Point Park University’s 50th Commencement ceremony held at Mellon Arena. This commencement will be the last held at the Civic Arena, which is being replaced by a newer facility across the street.

During this shoot I was confined to a 3×8 foot bucket elevated 40 feet into the air by a cherry pick machine. This vantage perched me just a few feet between the top of a decorative curtain and the official scoreboard.

You can take a peek at my position in this QTVR.

Check out comments from some of the grads on the Gigapan.

Good Luck Grad!

PPNS at Pittsburgh City Council


Point Park News Service students, both photojournalists and writers, sit in on a session of Pittsburgh City Council. During the session the students heard public comments concerning the Jordan Miles police beating case. City residents are given three minutes to express their view points to the assembled council during the open comment period at the beginning of each meeting.

The students, in their role as journalist, used the visit to gain an understanding of the processes and procedures of how democratic governments operate in order to provide accurate information to news consumers.

Justice Through Journalism

Justice Thru Journalism

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Pittsburgh artist Daniel Bolick exhibits "Resurrected After Exoneration," a portrait collection of men exonerated for crimes they did not commit. The exhibit will open Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at Point Park University’s Lawrence Hall Gallery.

A gala to benefit the Innocence Institute will be held March 24th, 2010 and will feature author John Grisham. For more information call the Innocence Institute at 412-765-3164 or visit their blog at: innocenceinstitute.org/

Non Linear Photojournalism


Dr. Illah Nourbakhsh speaks to Point Park University photography students at Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab. The lab developed and produced the GigaPan robot.


The Point Park University students, enrolled in the Specialized Photography course, will use the GigaPan as a tool of reportage. This is the first university level course dedicated to the exploration and production of non-linear photojournalism.

GigaPan images produced during the class will be compiled and edited for use in GigaPan Magazine.

"Dance Studio"

Michael Bagne

Michael Bagne, Rochester, New York.

Michael is a dance major at Point Park University. He volunteered to model for the Advanced Black and White photography course. During this session the class used three different lighting set-ups to explore moods created by lighting.

The students used cross-lighting for the portrait.

Michael Bagne

Multiple strobes were set-up to bathe the subject in light.

Michael Bagne

Finally one light was used create a dramatic mood.

Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day Parade

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Dror Yaron, outreach coordinator for Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE lab and GigaPan, watches the annual Pittsburgh Veterans Day Parade pass below along the Blvd. of the Allies from a vantage point at Point Park University Wednesday, November 11, 2009. For more images from the Veterans Day Parade go here.

Yaron was on hand to review and critique student GigaPans for an upcoming edition of GigaPan magazine. The theme for this edition is the environmental portrait. The magazine will be available online in January. You can get a sneak peak of their GigaPans here.

Student Lighting Workshop


This is Iva, one of my students. She posing as the model during a small strobe lighting workshop during my Photojournalism course. The technical lesson is in advance of their environmental portraits assignment. The students will need to make contact with someone unknown to them, visit their place of business and photograph them in that environment. In addition to the photography students need to gather basic information about their subjects and their environments to synthesize a small descriptive paragraph about the content of the image.

Here are the particulars about this image:

2 light set-up class demonstration
SB-800 rear to the subject modified with a red newspaper bag.
SB-800 subject right hand held
Fired with Nikon CLS.


Point Park GigaPan

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Sarah and Brittany make preliminary checks to the GigaPan robot while on their first shoot in downtown Pittsburgh. The two are part of my Point Park University Digital Photography course. During the course the GigaPan is used as a tool of reportage. The theme this term is environments and environmental portraits.

See previous work featured in GigaPan Magazine

First Print Point Park University Darkroom

Stephanie Mas, of Miami, Fla., made the first print in Point Park University’s newly renovated black and white darkroom Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009. Mas is a student in the Advanced Black and White Photography course.

The darkroom received a much needed update during the summer of 2009. The improvements included darkroom capacity, work flow, efficiency, process separation, accessibility and safety.