PPNS at Pittsburgh City Council


Point Park News Service students, both photojournalists and writers, sit in on a session of Pittsburgh City Council. During the session the students heard public comments concerning the Jordan Miles police beating case. City residents are given three minutes to express their view points to the assembled council during the open comment period at the beginning of each meeting.

The students, in their role as journalist, used the visit to gain an understanding of the processes and procedures of how democratic governments operate in order to provide accurate information to news consumers.

Point Park News Service

Point Park News Service

Andy Conte, director of the Point Park News Service, leads a group of student writers and photographers through an exercise identifying possible news and photo stories from the city around them.

The Point Park News Service is a collaboration between the Point Park University and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review where students have the opportunity to report and photograph stories for publication on the Point Park News Service website, the Tribune-Review group of news papers and beyond. If a student story or photograph is used by the Tribune-Review the student receives a stringer fee for the work. Payment for the student work is a unique aspect to this news service.

The goal of the news service is to simulate a real world news room experience and provide an opportunity for young photojournalists and journalists and opportunity to publish in the broader community outside of campus.

Check out the Point Park News Service website for student stories and photographs.

Student News Services

Kevin, Kelly, Jessica
This month’s Society of Professional Journalists Quill Magazine features the Point Park News Service and a few of my photographs. The news service is coordinated by Andrew Conte of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The service consists of a writing section and a photojournalism section. I coordinate the photojournalists. Each student in the News Service has an opportunity to have their fresh new stories and images published in the Tribune-Review and beyond. Have a look and see how student news services are changing journalism.