A City Public Works crew hangs a banner at the Point State Park portal welcoming the world to Pittsburgh Thursday, Sept 3, 2009. Pittsburgh will be in the international spotlight as world leaders gather during the G20 Summit. The summit begins in in 22 days.

Float Plane Lands on Ohio River in the West End

Float Plane in West End
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This pontoon airplane landed on the Ohio River in the West End before 3:30 today. It approached the point with its propeller engaged and turning. The pilot maneuvered the floating aircraft safely around boaters already on the river. Many boaters stood on the bows of their craft while witnesses on shore stood by snapping pictures and shooting cell phone video. The aircraft abruptly turned around on the Allegheny River before the Fort Duquesne Bridge. Further upstream on the Ohio the airplane encountered a Just Ducky tour sharing the river. In Just Ducky style the patrons on the DUWK vehicle gave a horn blast and several ‘quack. quack, quacks’ before harmlessly passing one and other near the USS Renquin docked at the Carnegie Science Center. Continuing down river the craft Idled until it passed underneath the West End Bridge where it began a full throttle spurt, though the plane failed to become airborne at that time. Somewhere near the Corliss Street Tunnel the aircraft returned to idling where it slowly passed out of view behind Brunot’s Island. It is unclear if the airplane became airborne on the open stretch of river behind the island.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton

Dateline: Pittsburgh, Pa. less than 24 hours before the Pennsylvania Primary.

Hill and Bill

Bill and Hillary Clinton meet supporters on the line after the couple spoke to a lunch time crowd in Pittsburgh’s Market Square, Monday April 21, 2008. Hillary Clinton is projected to winn the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary over Barak Obama.

William Jefferson Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton , the 42nd President of The United States stumping for his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the eve of the Pennsylvania Primary.

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