Murphy Dome

During the summer solstice in June 2010, I spent eight days and no nights in Fairbanks, Alaska. Here is a portion of the journey.

In Alaska hills are called domes. A mid morning drive leads to the very accessible Murphy Dome. Upon arrival at the summit the fog was so thick that a military Doppler radar site went unnoticed until well after the fog lifted. Following, on foot, an unimproved extension of Murphy Dome Road guides visitors to a series of ridge-top rock outcroppings. The fog slowly lifts upon arrival and reveals a great vantage point. The promenade provides a 360 panoramic vista unveiling layer upon layer of mountainous expanse extending into the wilderness as far as the eye can see. The distant layer to the south is the Alaskan Range and Denali National Park, home to the largest mountain in North America, Mt. Denali.