Fallingwater, a Camaro and Kodakchrome


The world is aware that Kodakchrome is no longer being manufactured and will soon cease to be processed. Only one facility remains to process the defunct film, Dwayne’s Photo. The final availability for processing is scheduled to end in December.

I’ve been photographing Pennsylvania scenes with the film as final project. My latest stop was Fallingwater. Could I be the last person on the planet to photograph this famous house with Kodakchrome?

This image is digital but was taken from the classic vantage point view of the falls and the house. You can take an in depth tour of the home where personal photography is permitted.

If you’d like to cash in on your images from Fallingwater you’ll need advanced permissions.

During this excursion transportation, lunch and admission were sponsored by Chevrolet. We drove a cool 2010 Camaro and a few other vehicles through the mountains as part of @ChevyPA and women-drivers.com event. My wife was a guest and she let me drive this…..