30 days with the iPad


This is what has happened as a result of using the iPad for just over a month. Almost immediately, the design and layout of newspapers on the iPad drew me away from reading the hard copy of the paper.

I had been a regular reader of the print edition. I firmly believed that the newspaper experience lead to informational curiosity. One story’s position on the page would lead you to another and another. Fundamentally, that philosophy has not changed, only the medium on which the information is delivered has.

For certain newspapers like the New York Times and USA Today, the iPad application has begun to mimic that ‘leading’ trait, though the content provided seems stripped down from what is in the paper. The amount and variety of content will increase once an efficient content sales vehicle is established.

As the tablet medium and technology evolve I am certain that the design and functionality will evolve to a point that will render the newspaper obsolete to most, save the Luddites and aficionados.