What is in a name?

Wolf Creek Narrows
I am often asked why we chose StartPoint Media as a name for our photography company. The answer lies in the fact that StartPoint Media wasn’t created to be just a photography company.

In 2000 when the company was founded we had three prongs to our business: editorial photography, graphics design and P/R events. I provided the photography and Cara handled public relations. We took a a team approach towards graphics design. The editorial photography took off and was a rousing success. This kept us busy and quickly refined our focus. Since the business was becoming established we chose to keep the name. By doing this we weren’t limiting ourselves when opportunities arose to expand.

In 2000 the internet was nothing like it is now, no Twitter, no Facebook and no Flickr. The power to market was still primarily very traditional and very print. As the decade moved on Internet marketing took off. We embraced the power of social media networks to get our name out there. We can now be identified on many of the popular social networking sites. Educating ourselves about our own social media networks provided us with an additional skill set and another opportunity to provide services, social media coordination.

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