Montour Trail

The Montour Trail runs from Coraopolis to Clairton totaling 46 miles when complete. Only 40 miles are complete to date. New sections are being completed each year.

The images and photos we compiled from a series of rides taken along the trail to support an article about the 20th anniversary of the trail in the October issue of Allegheny West Magazine.

The still images were taken with a Canon G9 point and shoot. The video was captured with a Flip secured to the bike handle bars with a GorillaPod. Adobe Premiere was used to edit the segment.

Epilogue: The Flip video camera is no more. On a ride yesterday the cameras batteries died. After I took the camera off of the bike to change the batteries the camera slipped out of my hands. The camera hit the deck of the McDonald Trestle and then tumbled off the edge and fell 40 feet onto the Panhandle Trail below. Luckily, no one was passing through when the camera fell. Unfortunately all of the video captured yesterday was lost. The camera was not recording when it fell.

Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum, originally uploaded by StartPoint Media.

© 2009 StartPoint Media, Inc

This multimedia piece was created with still imagery captured with a Canon G9. The RAW images were processed to TIFF’s using Adobe Camera Raw.

The video was captured with a Flip Video unit. The original AVI file must be converted to a MOV file, or something else compatable, before editing can begin in Adobe Premiere. A123 AVI to WMV DVD MPEG MP4 MOV Converter was used to complete the conversion. Individual video segments were limited to five seconds through Time/Duration tool.

The audio was captured with the Flip. The clip was unlinked from the video and Adobe Premiere was used to edit the dead air out resulting in a time compressed audio track.