Conway, Pa.

Conway Family Grave Site

I recently paid a visit to my old hometown of Conway, Pa. I took a hike among the quarries, hillsides and gullies along Crows Run. The town is known for its large railroad yard, once the largest push-button rail yard in the world. As well the town founder and his family are buried in a remote wooded area of the borough far from homes and shops. The forgotten, overgrown cemetery from the hikes of my child hood is no more. The plot is now well visited and cared for as a rusty wagon holding crude yard tools is parked just outside the stone perimeter. The headstones and perimeter are likely mined from any one of dozens of abandoned quarries that dot the valley.

There have been discussions in state government over the past 20 years about using the valley, well situated between Freedom, Conway and Cranberry Township, as a high speed connection expressway linking I-79 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike with PA Route 65. The project has officially been cancelled, but lately has been discussed publicly as a development plan by local and federal elected officials.

The Conway family plot, dating to the 1880’s, lies directly in the path of the proposed highway.

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