CHDK- Canon Hack Development Kit

Canon G9 HDR

I’ve been using the Canon G9 as a carry everywhere camera for over a year. During that year I have discovered a few features that the camera seemed to be missing. One of those ‘missing features’ is the ability to bracket more than 3 frames for HDR photos. A time or two I wished I would have had an SLR rather than the G9. It seems to fall short of being able to do everything that my SLR cameras could do. Until now.

Unbeknown to me there has been a platform hack available for the Canon Powershot cameras. The Canon Hack Development Kit, or CHDK, “autobuild” firmware add-on is loaded onto the SD card of the camera with the assistance of the program Card Tricks. Card Tricks formats and boots the camera, allowing an alternate menu unlocking many features on the camera. I am particularly interest in experimenting with the bracketing features to create HDR images.

There are many adds-on available including Motion Detection exposures and quite a few Canon cameras allow CHDK add-on features. Check the CHDK Wiki for more compatibility with your camera.