Braddock Carnegie Library

This set of photos represents some work for a good cause, the Braddock Carnegie Library, the first Carnegie library. In the one hundred years since its founding, the library’s grand stone structure stills stands at the heart of the Braddock community. At the same time the library, like much of Braddock, needs a boost. These images will represent the underutilized spaces tucked away on the third floors of the Braddock Carnegie Library in a grant application for rehabilitation. There are two studies, and two unfinished round rooms that have become collections of random junk from library history. Many of the furniture items are from the mid-twentieth century or before. There is a functional gymnasium, printmaking studio and computer lab, though there is no elevator in the building making accessibility difficult.


The library also contains a miniature version of the Carnegie Music Hall, it is often referred to as an acoustically correct model for the Carnegie Music Hall in New York City. The circular peaks at the top of the library are accessed by a series of wooded ladders lifting the rare visitor to the bell tower. The view from the bell tower over looks the borough and the United States Steel mill that that once provided the livelihood for the community. Check the library website to find out more about Braddock and the library.