The Archive

Today, I took a big step forward in protecting my photographic assets. I am now the proud owner of a Systemax Intel Entry Storage system set up as a Raid 10. A RAID 10 provides 4 hard disk mirrored array that acts as a data protection system. If any one of the drives fails, it will in theory, email me about the problem, keep the data intact, and automatically recover data once a new harddrive is intalled. Geeky I know, but very important.

The out of the box set up was easy relatively speaking. The directions were clear enough, only one real delay concerning something called the ‘default gateway’. After a few hours break to mull it over and a couple of cookies the problems worked themselves out through trial and error.
I’ve spent years on this trial and mostly error process of working on the guts of the hardware and software of my computers. I attribute these tribulations, to the relative ease of the process. I also think that devices are being designed and implimented smarter. Time has worked out the logic pretty clearly.

This move will add, organize and clear space for me to expand my archives in a practical and scalable manner. I estimate that I can go another year before I will have to add another terabyte to the archive. It is becoming a big expensive business to keep these images archived. It is now the time for the archive to become self sustaining in relationship to its costs. I consider the RAID project to be an insurance policy designed use my inertia to over come the decay of atrophy. I want the images I’ve created to last. It is a dream of mine for my children to take over and manage the archive into something positive for their families and beyond.