polaroid ~ things that cannot be seen clearly

Instant Polaroid negative scans. (© StartPoint Media, Inc.)

The perception of freedom in America is strong. Freedom only exists in the mind. The symbols of freedom are everywhere. It is marketed to you constantly. The flags, the bikes, the space, the wind, tree and life itself (which is only free for the very young). This image series warps and blurs the idea of freedom and makes its meaning less clear, less defined and blended. The process is not at all liberating. It is long. It is manic. Failure is an endemic, but you must continue to make work and move forward. You must do good for others and yourself. Just like with freedom you must work hard to to attain it. Hopefully this resonates.

The process is a bleached Polaroid negative image scanned and outputted as a digital fine art print. You can see the rest of the exhibit here.

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