Ten Songs You Should Listen To This Week ~ TSYSLTTW

 (Christopher Rolinson)

This week’s playlist is influenced by the WNYU day time radio shows, the CMJ charts for this week and some suggestions from fans.
Featured this week is a song by Psychic TV about the death of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. This is a classic from 1985, but the story about Brian Jones’ death is complex and is the source of several conspiracy theories. It over simplifies the tragic death and picks a side but stops short of blaming the members of the Rolling Stones for his death. It is worth checking out the video for Godstar here. There are several old news clips of the Rolling Stones shot at the time of Jones’ death.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow, despite the name, has roots in Philadelphia. This song uses a cross fader to effect the chorus vocals. It feels like a mistake or an error listening the first time through but it’s rhythmic and on the mark and is an added feature once you understand what the artist is doing.

The sleeper song on this list is definitely Air by Waxahatchee. The chorus vocals are lively and full. This is the only down tempo song on the list and that works out a-o-k.


The hardest working man in show business, James Brown and the Flames line in Paris November 25, 1967. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag. This could be the best 14 minutes of your life.

Thanks for listening with me this week.

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