For Your Health #1 8 x 10 $110 (Christopher Rolinson)
For Your Health #1 8 x 10 $110 (Christopher Rolinson)

#LunchHourPGH is an uninfluenced visual record of the right now. The people in the images, who could be you or I, are cultural participants and consumers at the same time.

The images are made anonymously though close attention is paid to framing and timing. The subjects are caught completely unaware and are even somewhat oblivious to the presence of the photographer among them. Because of the anonymity, the viewer can see that there is a sense of discontent, disconnection and voyeurism linking the body of work.

Sixteen #LunchHourPGH images were printed on stretched canvas and were previously exhibited May 2015, River Gallery, Rocky River, Ohio. These one-of-a-kind exhibited images are available for purchase.

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