Nick Gozik: Eddie Slovik Has Died

Nick Gozik: Eddie Slovik Has Died from Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh on Vimeo.

US Army Veteran Nick Guzik passed away this week, he was 95. He was a witness to the execution of Private Eddie Slovik during World War II. Slovik was the only US service person to be put to death for desertion since the Civil War. Guzik vividly retells his experience in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France to a 2011 gathering of the Pittsburgh based The Veterans Breakfast Club. This is the only known recording of Guzik’s story of the last day of January 1945. Sixty-six years later he still questions the morality of the killing and considers Slovik to have died bravely.

Preserving stories are at the heart of The Veterans Breakfast Club and the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative. I am privileged to have heard and preserved his first hand account of history. Thank you, Nick.

Documentary Videography: Christopher Rolinson
Editing: Kevin Farkas, Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh

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