Inside the Pot

This video collaboration with potter/artist Billy Ritter is designed in such a way as to disorient the viewer. The spinning motion of the filmic elements such as the helicopter and the repetitious four count music act as unifiers. Inclusion of the helicopter at the beginning of the piece does two things. One, it helps set the location of the pottery shop. Secondly, helicopters, like the potters wheel, work with rotating parts. It is a lucky symbol linking the larger world to the mound of earth about to be transformed, through spinning, into a functional and beautiful piece.

The music choice was made based on the ongoing rhythmic nature of The Funky Drummer. The main tempo and feeling of the song allows ones mind to enter into a certain state. The state should be very organized and predictable as the song changes little throughout. However, when the music does make slight changes the film editing changes as well, black screen or stop is used to delineate a break in the action. The four count measures were natural transition points in the film. As the visual are presented and transitioned, the occur only on the mark. Every transition occurred on either a four count or on some anomaly present in the original song. Editing the visual in this way provides a continuity. That continuity is evident because during the spinning cycles of the film the transitions are supposed to be transparent to the viewer. There were no less than four transitions that occurred in the cycling. The song was used in it’s entirety and extended slightly for the credits.

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