Toynbee Idea

 (Christopher Rolinson)

I spotted the tile shown above embedded along the Boulevard of the Allies in downtown Pittsburgh. This new sighting sparked a bit of research about the message and origins of the tiles and how it might relate to another project I am working on. The tiles often contain a cryptic message about the Toynbee Idea and Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001. During the research, I came across the documentary film Resurrect Dead. The film seeks to reveal the creator of the Philadelphia Toynbee Tiles. The story was intriguing enough to compel me to revisit the other known Toynbee Tiles in downtown Pittsburgh (see the gallery below). With the exception of the tile above, the others appear at intersections along Smithfield Street. Do you know of any others in Pittsburgh? How about Cleveland? It would help me in my research.


One thought on “Toynbee Idea”

  1. There is a documentary all about this available on Netflix! Resurrect dead: mystery of Toynbee idea

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