Keystone Multimedia Workshop

This past weekend was the Keystone Multimedia Workshop. This is my second time attending the three day workshop in State College, Pa. This year I presented myself with a personal challenge. I wanted to create three diverse and unique multimedia pieces in each of the three days. Being a prior attendant to the workshop, I knew that pre-planning would be essential to develop the stories I wanted to create. I wanted to make an opportunity to continue the Veteran Voices project. I began researching veterans who wanted to tell their stories and with a little help I was introduced to Joe Pletcher and Zada Magoun. The time afforded during the workshop only allowed for one multimedia piece to be produced. You can see Joe’s piece below. Zada’s will follow the coming week and will be included in the Veteran Voices project.

Thursday night of the workshop is the opening of the Special Olympic Pennsylvania Games. I wanted to cover this story in a way that reflected where my film and journalism work has been going lately, time lapses. I am interested in exploring the the compression and the manipulation of time through photograph. I used a wide shot to feature the the ball field as it filled and emptied interspersed with key moments from the event.

The final day produced the story with the most fun, honey bees! The Centre County Beekeepers Association were gracious hosts to me at a local bee farm. Their I saw first hand what it takes to keep bees and make honey. It was a sweet gig!

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