Venus Transit 2012

Venus Transit 2012, Venus, Sun, Transit, Planet, Astronomy (Christopher Rolinson/StartPoint Media, Inc.)

In case you missed it, this is the 2012 transit of the planet Venus in front of the sun as seen from Pulaski, Pa. The last Venus transit happened in 2004, It will not happen again until December 2117. It is likely that no one living now will be alive to witness it again. There is an eight year gap between transits followed by a period of over 100 years between transits.

4 thoughts on “Venus Transit 2012”

  1. What an amazing shot, I was stuck at work during the eclipse/transit. Thanks for posting this for people that missed it.

    Side note, how do you take pictures of the sun without messing up your eyes or getting huge lense flares (sorry, I am super newbie on my DSLR).

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding. The image was created with a 1000 mm telescope, fixed aperture f11, 80 ISO. The image was composed and focused using the Live View mode on a Nikon d700. I used the built-in viewfinder blocker to prevent any accidental looks through the eye piece.

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