Veteran Voices

Recently, We have begun to document the storys of World War Two veterans in partnership with the Veterans Breakfast Club and the Social Voice Project. Together these organizations along with StartPoint Media have created the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh non profit project.

The project is dedicated to capturing, preserving, and sharing the voices, images, and experiences of Pittsburgh area veterans of all branches of service and eras, including peace and war-time service. The Pittsburgh area includes all of southwestern Pennsylvania.

This emerging initiative transcends traditional oral history presentations by incorporating an innovative transmedia approach, whereby historical narratives are told across multiple media channels and platforms such as radio and television broadcasting, Internet podcasting, web videos, mobile devices, social media, print media, museum exhibits, creative artwork, educational channels, etc.

We use dedicated audiographic, videographic, photographic, and literary techniques to represent veterans’ stories to share with the public. The project’s transmedia design enriches these important life stories so that they become memorable and meaningful living history “experiences” for current and future generations.

Fo historical and scholarly purposes, every veteran’s story is carefully preserved and archived in its entirety with the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

 (Christopher Rolinson)

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