Goodbye Kodachrome

Andy at the playground.

On Dec 30, 2010 Dwayne’s Photo in Parson, KS processed the final rolls of Kodachrome bringing an end to ‘all those nice bright colors’. Throughout my career I have been only an occasional Kodakchrome shooter, mostly for fun. Earlier this year, after being inspired by Steve McCurry and his final Kodachrome project, I embarked on a personal project to document a few ‘last things’ with Kodachrome. They include Denali National Park, Washington, DC, Prague, Bratislava, a family lobster boil, an MFA exhibit for a close friend and most importantly my children playing.

A reflection of the US Capitol.

I photographed many scenes and places which I am probably the last person ever to document with the classic film. But after looking at all of the slides the images that are the most important to me, not surprisingly, are the images of my friends and family. The other places I went and documented turned out just fine, but those images simply act as a snapshot document of places I have been. The images of my friends and family the images represent something much more special. They will for ever provide a special and unique memory of 2010 and will be by far the most important things I have ever documented with Kodachrome.


Billy Ritter, MFA, Kent State University.

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