During the summer solstice in June 2010, I spent eight days and no nights in Fairbanks, Alaska. Here is a portion of the journey.

Lee is basically homeless. He is from Cantwell, AK. Currently, the Navy veteran, serving in Florida between 1979 and 1981, bounces between his mothers and sisters homes. He also stays with a friend in Fairbanks from time to time. His mother has cancer and according to Lee it is managed at the moment. He tries to help her out when he is there.

He is not free of his own personal struggles. Lee quit drinking 26 years ago unlike many of the other homeless in Fairbanks. When he quit drinking he began having seziures. He says that the seziures prevented him from having a wife, family, a job and a home. He doesn’t have much hope that his situation will improve in the future, “there is nothing anybody can do.” He is wary of politics and the system expressing resentment about Sarah Palin saying she wouldn’t get his vote if she were to run for President.

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