Pine Creek Gorge

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Twenty miles of rough winding road warned the sign as the Jeep left the blacktop surface at Cedar Run for points north along the west rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The Pine Creek Gorge cuts through the Allegheny Plateau beginning near Ansonia at the northern end to just a few miles north of Jersey Shore at the southern end.

Mile after mile of the Tiadaghton and Tioga forests unfold as the journey continues to the Bradley Wales Picnic Area. Here, there is access to the West Rim Trial. Hiking north, this section contains three remarkable vistas of the nearly 1000 foot deep and nearly one mile wide canyon. The third vista offers a nearly 180 degree view of the gorge, several miles to both the north and south can be seen. Vultures, hawks and eagles have been spotted here. This time only a pair of vultures were riding the thermals rising up from the valley floor. This out and back hike of about seven miles also winds along saddle contours of two mountain streams. The trail intersects with the larger stream at a small falls. The falls coupled with sunlight streaming through fresh glowing green leaves provides ambiance at a logical stopping point. Out of the woods and back in the car a bear is spotted grazing along the road side staying put only long enough for a portrait before darting out of sight into the dark forests lining the roads.

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

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