Sheepskin Hollow

Sheepskin Hollow

A morning trek to Ohio’s Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve, situated along the Little Beaver Creek National Scenic River, provided a panoramic vista, waterfalls and plenty of details. The reserve is located adjacent to the Pennsylvania state line providing modest access to the preserve and scenic river from Pittsburgh and Beaver County.

Sheepskin Hollow Nature Preserve

On this particular morning the sun beamed through the leaves and trees illuminating the top of Sheepskin Falls and the cliffs adjacent. This preserve is “less-traveled”. There are no real paths, we followed the creek bed to and beyond the falls. The lack of human influence was apparent, no litter, no plastic, no beer cans. This is truly a clean and pure place. If you visit, keep it that way.

Sheepskin Hollow

Just over the top of the falls on the first level flood plain we stumbled upon this odd visual, an oak apple gall. Oak apple galls form when a wasp injects her egg into a budding oak leaf. The tree responds by forming a gall around the insect. The gall protects the growing insect and provides it with nourishment and protection.

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