Wildflowers are blooming

Wildflower Preserve

This weekend wildflowers will be blooming at Raccoon Creek State Park’s Wildflower Reserve. Peter Woods, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy County Inventory Ecologist will be on-hand to assist in wildflower identification and I will be leading a photography workshop through the reserve with Peter.

My goal is to meet interesting people, share information and encourage discussion to expand creativity and knowledge about nature photography in the great parks and forests of Pennsylvania.

I will be sharing images, composition and technical ideas to help further creative photographic self-discovery beyond the workshop. We will also explore, discuss and photograph the flora and natural features of the Reserve situated along the ridge of Shafer Rock and below along the banks of the Raccoon Creek. Discussions beyond the day can continue at the workshop’s Flickr group. There you can also see images from a recent walk through the Reserve.

To take part in this workshop, you’ll need to be a member of the WPC. You can find out more information at the WPC website.

The Reserve is located in Beaver County on the Lincoln Highway, US Route 30.


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