Zoom Multimedia-Dor Hadash

Congregation Dor Hadash ‘bring in’ their Torah scrolls parading through Squirrel Hill to their new location at the Tree of Life synagogue.

This multimedia piece is the first I’ve created with the Zoom h4n digital audio recorder. It is a combination of still images and natural sound collected during the parade. A challenge for the new process is working out how to collect audio and take pictures at the same time. Each activity should be conducted separately so that sound quality does not suffer. The sound of the camera is prominently recorded on the device and can be detracting to the story. At the same time what is happening visually needs to be photographed. The quality of the photographs doesn’t necessarily suffer because audio is being collected. However, the reverse is not true, the audio will suffer because of the sound of the camera shutter. This can be resolved by miking the subjects, though this is not always possible or practical in news situations, such as this one. The two independent media, when combined need to be supportive of one and other and both must support the narrative.

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