Snowpacolypse 2010

This past week was spent snowed in. Nearly 24 inches of snow fell on Pittsburgh during a two-day snow event dubbed ‘Snowpacolypse’. Half the week was spent at home alone with the kids, while my wife was stuck in Nashville at a social media confrence. During the week I made it into the village only once to run a few errands and take a few pictures. The snow made my everyday scenery take on an alpine appearance. The isolation of the storm required me to make good pictures close to home and sometimes from within the home, like the Gigapan featured above. The challenge was to create differently than the routine to help quell the mounting cabin fever. You can see more images from ‘Snowpacolypse 2010’ here.

Max and Andy

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”~The Shining.

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