Hug A Vet

PFC Rolinson with M-60

PFC Rolinson (USA) with M-60
HHC 2/229 Aviation
18th Airborne Corps
Ft. Rucker, Alabama

I love old pictures.

I found this gem over the weekend with a few others here. Looking back at these it is clear that the Army regiment keeps you fit. Though I am no longer in aviation, I still find valuable many skills and disciplines that I learned in the military.

Wednesday, November 11 is a day to thank vets. I’d like to name a few. You can find some of these folks on Facebook.

Thank them today.

Gary Rolinson, USN
Ted Colaizzi, USMC
Mike Colaizzi, USMC
Jeremy Albert*, USA
John Riesmeyer, USA
Michael Riesmeyer, USA
Dan Riesmeyer, USN
Richard Riesmeyer, USN
Charles Riesmeyer, USA
Jeffery C. Huttle*, USA
Ferdinand Thomas*, USA
Kirk Smith*, USAF
Cory Brown*, USAF
Leo Liller, USMC
Clayton Wukich*, USN
W. Kieth McManus, USN
Matthew Pavelek, USA
Russell DiNardo, USAF
Bob O’Gara, USAF
Sarah Elizabeth, USAF
Shannon Mason Maizan, USA
Timothy Anglin, USA
Tommy Humphries, USAF

*currently serving

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