Inaugural FTP


Using my 2GB cards containing images from my Canon G9, my Treo 650 loaded with VFS-FTP, national access through Verizon and an FTP server at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I will be able to upload high quaility JPEG images captured at the Presidential Inauguration for publication.

The process for getting the full-sized images to the server requires a few steps.

First capture the images in the Canon G9 as medium-sized JPEGs, 1600×1200 pixels.
Second take the card from the camera and place it into the phone.
Open VFS-FTP, select your FTP server, select the image(s) and press ‘to FTP’.
The file will begin to transfer and about 45 minutes, yes, minutes, later it will be accessible at the Tribune-Review.
Finally, I will have to call or text message the editor to let him know the file name and dictate the caption information.

Using this process requires no computer, no cables or other fancy toys. It should allow me to remain streamlined and light weight during inauguration day and it will give me more room for other cameras.

I will be shooting with at least two more cameras, Nikon D200s. Those cameras, however, use compact flash cards, those images unfortunately will not be able to be transmitted in this way. Those images will be captured as .NEF files and will be processed and transmitted, if necessary, by traditional methods.

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