Next week I will be in attendance to the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. Many of my students in colleagues will be in attendance. I think it goes without saying that this will be an enormous event. Attendance at an event of this scale will require an enormous amount of logistics. The lack of proper planning and thought could lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

As a mentor to student photojournalists I have come up with a list of items and things to consider while planning the trek. By no means is this list complete, rather it is just a place to start. The events begin in less than one week, now is the time to get it together. With a little prep the evenst should go smoothly and everyone will return home safely with great images and stories from the historic event.

Functional Warm Winter Hat
Wool Socks
Spare Wool Socks
Hiking Boots
Heavy Gloves
Scarf or Gator
Long Underwear
Pocket Hand Warmers
Layer upper jacket/parka

Camera batteries
Extra Flash batteries
Camera Cards
extra Camera cards
battery charger, camera and cell phone

Packable Food
Grocery bag- to carry your rubbish. The garbage cans will be a mess.
Don’t contribute to the problem, document it.

Metrorail Card
2 forms of photo ID
DC Map
VA Map
MD Map

Plan your route in and out of DC. How will you get to and from your mode of transport back to Pittsburgh? Do you have more than one route planned?

Set up your phone on Facebook to send and receive. Use this to send status updates and use as emergency text access to your broader network back home.

Set up your camera phone to email images to Flickr.

Collect telephone numbers of others that are going to be in DC.

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