As an aside to the busy life of fatherhood and a career, I finally made it out of the house to hang out with my friend Tom. We decided to eat, drink and go bowling.
Dormont Lanes is a classic old bowling alley. It is appropriately situated in the basement of a neighborhood shopping center. It is in it’s original stylization, though, the carpet looked new. It carries both automatic and hand scored lanes. They don’t sell beer but it is OK to take your own.
Photography in the bowling alley is easy in terms of the conditions and subject matter. However, they are a bit peculiar about photography in the same space where there are ‘Amusement Only’ video gaming machines. If it is for amusement only I am not sure what the hang-up is.

As you can see with both did wonderful.

He is an expert bowler.

Knock em down.

For Amuesment Only

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