Furthering GigaPan

It has been a few weeks since I have create a successful GigaPan. I have been running into problems on the processing end. I guess I’m being too ambitious with the system. I shot several panoramas with over 1500 images. This is just too many for either of my computers. I only have 2 gigs of RAM. After speaking with GigaPan guru Dror Yaron from the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild I had a better idea of what to do. So rather than fully extend the zoom lens and take highly detailed photos of exit signs and blank walls and end up with an unmanageable amount of information, he suggested that I back off of the zoom to reduce the number of files that will comprise the GigaPan. His methodology worked. My ambition with the GigaPan is to do architectural interiors and you have to ask the question: How Much Information is Really Needed Before it Becomes Overkill? I’ve been able to put together a manageable and successful work flow for the process. We are still talking hours of processing, but in the end there is a usable image, and for that I am happy.

Another problem reared itself when I attempted to take full 360 degree view pictures from floor to ceiling (Circular Images). The photography goes smoothly, again this is a too much information issue. When photographing in the straight up position this causes an overlap of information that the GigaPan Stitcher can’t seem to resolve. The images are all identical except for their position on the circle. This caused alignment problems, meaning making the number of rows and columns even and line up incorrectly. The final image resulted in an unexpected split in the image. It attempted to align portions together that were not intended to be together in the final image.

To resolve this I deleted the top two rows above the lights. It corrected the positioning and eliminated the confusion generated at the top of the image. My next attempt to do a circular image will include a few more rows of information beyond 360 degrees. I have a hunch that if I shoot more I will have enough images in the overlap to cover any errors generated.

The image below is the successful attempt:

You can see all of my Giga Pans at the StartPoint Media website.

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