Keystone State Park

Peak color arrived right on schedule in mid October at Keystone State Park located in the Appalachian foothills just below the Chestnut Ridge. A mid morning hike with my two small children began with lunch at a picnic grove sheltered under a beautiful stand of oak and maple trees situated at the edge of Keystone Lake. The ground was covered with brown and orange leaves. Many more remained hanging on the trees as they have not yet yielded to the coming winter season. My youngest son, not yet walking, chased his older more mobile brother as he crawled on the ground with leaves crackling and crisping under his hands and knees.

After lunch we set out along the level and easy Lakeside Trail to take advantage of it’s views of the wetlands at the far end of the lake and it’s colorful panoramas of autumn leaves. After the short hike around the lake we walked the more rugged trails along the Loyalhanna Creek to take in fall color that plays on the water with filter light. The trails provide great access to the creek for fishing, hiking and picnicing with family and freinds.

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