Franfort Mineral Springs

Soaking, cool, fall rain christened my annual pilgrimage to Frankfort Mineral Springs. The theme for today’s photography walk would only be water.

Two short 1/4 mile up the hill trails lead to the site of the springs. The left one traverses through the rocky gully carrying water down from the mineral springs, while the right one follows an old road bed that has been closed to traffic decades ago leading to the former site of the mineral springs resort. I chose the trail through the gully.  Shortly, I reached the crumbling rock overhang which is being slowly eaten away by the brook as it careens over the rock layer. Since my last visit more of the outcropping has become part of the creek bed.

Here, iron oxide gathers on the outlets of the springs, tinting the rocks and cracks with a deep and brilliant orange color. The oxide pervades from all of the seepage sources as hard water leaches from inside the shallow cave.

Diffuse light illuminated a light fog rolling over the narrow valley. Calming the mind were the sounds of rain hitting the brittle autumn leaves still attached to the trees and a rhythmic tempo as a delicate stream of water rolled over the ten foot waterfall.

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