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My GigaPan unit finally arrived. Initially, I intended to modify the GigaPan robot to accept my Nikon D200, but I purchased a Canon G9 instead. Being a Nikon user, it has been more of a struggle to get used to the Canon camera than it has been to use the GigaPan robot. It operates in a very logical and systematic fashion.

The camera and robot aside, the real struggle starts in the editing phase. The GigaPan Stitcher works well at compiling the images for the panorama. The process of aligning is not a fast one. It takes up to 8 hours to compile the finished product. So far I have only had success in compiling images on my MacBook Pro, my PC has been a total disaster. It crashed the computer several times. Inconvieniently, I have not been present when it crashes so I miss any messages or warnings that it may provide. I guess I’ll need to set aside 8 hours to sit and watch.

This panorama created with my MacBook Pro of Moon Park in Moon Twp. , Pa. is about 370 images. My wife and son Andrew appear in the photo twice.

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