This is my first attempt a using GigaPan (see mine here) technology to create images. I owe this image to my colleague, Dror Yaron, from the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild. Dror, a beta tester for GigaPan, was kind enough to bring his device to Point Park University for me to try out. He made such a compelling case for the usefulness of the device that I signed up to be a beta tester and I purchased one of the devices for myself.

The device is a small robot attached to a standard tripod. The device rotates and fires a point and shoot camera through a grid. The images are stitched using the GigaPan stitcher and are uploaded to the GigaPan website. Once at the GigaPan website the images can be viewed, shared and commented on. The site also offers code and a full screen viewer that can be embeded into a webpage without all of the prorietary GigaPan information. It offers a clean ad-free way to view and navigate the detailed images.

The device was origninally designed as a tool for human connectivity, to bring people and imagery together as a method of sharing ideas and culture. I think this a great first step, but being a cpitalist, I envision many profitable and practical uses for the device.
Stay tuned for more GigaPan images.

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