Project: From My Back Porch

Project: From My Back Porch

My son and I enjoy sitting together on our deck to watch one of two trains chug by, many river boats tethered to barges coming and going, airplanes all the time. He is one and a half and gets a real kick out of all the activity. The view is somewhat interesting, it isn’t a brick wall or a flashing bar sign after all. Light plays on the hillside across the river all day. In the morning the pink light pillows the fresh green trees. In the afternoon, it accentuates the sky.

After a busy day and putting the kids to sleep, rather than relax like a normal adult, I decided I needed to do something creative for the evening. I decided I would photograph scenes from my back porch. It was easy enough, I didn’t have to go far, I could drink as much beer as I want without worrying how I would get home. I was off the streets and safe.

I wanted to play with the lights that I can see from the deck. I used a small aperture to star burst the normally annoying lights. Normally, I curse four particular lights. Depending on where you sit trees, porch rails, and buildings juxtaposed can eliminate most of the annoying lights. Never these four, never at the same time. They are just way to bright. The dimmer ones don’t particularly bother me. I turned the negative into a positive and came up with what I feel are interesting abstracts.

As well, I Photo Merged my view from the deck. At the left is Sewickley, to the right are portions of the City of Pittsburgh. Eight images in the roughly six mile view.

My son’s curiosity is what inspired me to photograph what I had been taking for granted as mundane. There will be no book project about my back porch, but I did manage to keep myself occupied creatively.

Project: From My Back Porch

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